6 Important Things To Know About E-cigarettes

Research shows that over 40 million Americans are active cigarette smokers. vaping-vs-smoking-1In as much as a majority of them understand the effect of smoking, very few of them get to quit after starting. In fact, 70% of those who claim to quit do not. In 2009, there was a notable decline in cigarette sales. Critics argue that it was because of the introduction of the electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The e-cigarette originated from China and got into the US in 2007 and today, there are many appealing coupon codes from the distributors that enhance their usage. The e-cigarette is a tobacco-free product. They are vaporizers and instead of burning tobacco, they have a heating mechanism that heats the liquid (e-juice) inside to produce vapor. It is the vapor that the smoker inhales.

Here is what to know about e-cigarettes and how to wisely use them.

1. No Smoke or Carbon is Produced

It is vital to understand that nothing burns when using the e-cigarette. The device is a smokeless one and because there is no tobacco burning, there is no smoke production. There is also no odor or carbon monoxide produced. This is because what you enjoy is the vapor produced from the heated e-juice. This makes the e-cigarette eco-friendly and convenient when compared to the regular tobacco cigarette. Click here for more information.

2. Presence of Liquid Nicotine

Even though the e-cigarettes are both tobacco-free and smoke-free, they are not free from nicotine. The e-juice is a constitution of nicotine, additives, flavors, and a solvent; however, the level of nicotine varies depending on the manufacturer. If you want to have a smoking experience without exposing yourself to the dangers of nicotine, there are a few cigarettes that are nicotine free. The juice, in this case, is only flavored but free of nicotine. However, it is important to identify the right supplier and order what is convenient for you. For example, Vista Vapors provide a wide range of e-juice that you can choose from and you get to enjoy free shipping on your order.

3. E-cigarettes are not as Toxic

Just like the regular tobacco cigarette, the electronic cigarette also comes with safety and health concerns. Unlike tobacco, liquid nicotine has lethal effects. It can exert harm to your body when inhaled, accidentally absorbed by the skin or ingested. Research shows that some e-cigarette releases harmful metals such as Tin and this is known to be carcinogenic. What is even more worrying about the e-cigarette is the fact that there is no quality control of the product. In as much as the kits have been with us for over a decade, many health regulatory agencies cannot guarantee their safety. One of the serious concerns is the absence of full disclosure by the manufactures about the actual ingredients in the e-juice.

4. E-cigarettes are Reusable

This is an important fact especially if you are looking at a cost-effective smoking option. The cigarette kit is battery powered and you get to use it for longer provided that the battery is charged. There are even kits that come with a USB charger device. The e-juice needs to be replaced each time you sense that there is a change in flavor or the cigarette smelling like it is burnt. In short, the only thing that you are expected to replace in most cigarette kits is the e-juice. All the other components are there to give you long-term service and you should identify the related coupon codes that save you money.

5. E-cigarettes are Cheaper

The device is cheaper to use than the regular cigarettes. For example, a smoker who uses a pack of regular cigarettes spends about $1000 every year. On the other hand, a starter kit for the e-cigarette costs about $30-$100. This is dependent on the manufacturer. In a year, the total cost of usage and replacements may amount to $600. From this analogy, you stand to save about 40% of your money when using the electronic cigarette as opposed to the regular tobacco packs. There are many manufacturers of the kit and supplier of the e-juice that you can rely on and one of them is Vista Vapors.

6. Vaping is Allowed in Smoke-Free Spaces

In some countries and cities, smoking is allowed in specific sports. This is mainly because of the lack of quality control of the e-cigarettes in most places. However, countries like Australia, Mexico, Israel, and Canada have banned smoking in public spaces. Also in the US, states like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles do not allow public smoking. Nevertheless, vaping in most countries and states is allowed in designated places.


By and large, a wise smoker needs to identify a cost-effective and quality smoking option. It’s also important to identify the coupon codes availed by the e-cigarette distributor in order to enjoy the most cost-effective vaping kit. However, it is also important to understand the health concern as discussed above on the e-cigarette.

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